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My Music Site

Music in audios and videos from various sources.

Music Sub-Sites

This site contains a number of sub-sites with audio or video players for listening to various collections of musical selections. All copyrighted selections are from America's twentieth-century musical heritage.

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Public Videos

Due to the dynamic nature of YouTube videos, it is difficult to guarantee a reliable sub-site containing embedded Public videos. Sometimes, these YouTube videos can be deleted by their owners for a variety of reasons, and without notice. One big reason that a particular video can not be seen anymore is that YouTube can block it because of possible copyright violations.

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This one works.

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This one is good too.

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This one now works too.

Unlisted Videos

YouTube allows other types of video besides Public. Unlisted videos can only be seen by the owner of the YouTube channel in which the video resides or by anyone to whom a link to the video is given.

This site contains several sub-sites each with an embedded Unlisted music video:

One Love

A single song and a single slide made into a video. 


A selection of relaxing instrumental music with slides of the song names.

Island Cruise Music

A selection of island music with song title slides.

These videos are made from free stock musical selections YouTube has put its blessing on the videos as having no copyright problems.
More Unlisted videos may be added in the future as space allows. Unlisted videos do not appear in the list of Videos on the owner's YouTube channel page. 

Music Websites

These sub-sites have fixed content and all audio files are from the owner of this site. Because of limited space, only the following audio player websites are available:

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Bonus: Buddy Holly Songs

Cloud Collections

These music files are in cloud storage accounts: Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.
The files on Google Drive cannot be played directly and so are listed on Google web sites where a player is available.
The OneDrive files can be accessed and played directly from the storage account.

Google Sites

OneDrive Links

Bonus: Paul McDermand

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